Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lessons from 'Interstellar' Movie

Interstellar is a great movie for many people. But I think, I have my own perception.

I gain some lessons from the movie: (not in the right order of the storyline)

1.  First, when Murph said “Because my dad promised."
I was kind of crying while watching that scene, because my conscience said to me suddenly: “Because He promised.”
♥  We have to believe that God has promised to us something. When we have faith in Him, something we believe will just happen.

2.    Second, although Cooper and Murph were apart, Cooper always thought about his daughter. Whatever he did there, the purpose was for his children's goodness, to save them and other people on Earth.
♥ It’s like how God may not be with us physically, but there in Heaven, He always loves, He does everything for our best.

3.    Cooper finally came back to Murph.
♥  God never breaks His promises.

4.    Cooper came at the last times of Murph’s life
♥  God may be not too early, but He is never late.

5.    Murph conscience said that it was like a ghost that tells something.
♥   When we have good connection with God, we will know Him and His plan to our life better. Our inner become one with God’s.

6.    Murph believe had to try hard to decode the Morse Code.
Imagine if Murph didn’t listen her conscience, she even got lazy to decode the Morse code, as it happened at the last time she had to leave her house, her brother already called her name for several times (at her hard times).
♥  No matter how God promised us something, if we don’t have good connection with Him, if we don’t know our potential and if we are lazy, not making efforts for something we want to reach, we will get nothing.

Success = Faith + Work

" A plan is just a plan until you do some efforts and pray. Trusting God that He has the right to either make it work, or if there is something greater He has prepared for you."

- Amelita Yonathan -


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