Thursday, March 7, 2019

[BEAUTY] Bio-Oil Event and Product Review

It always gives me an amazing feeling to be invited to the event of the brand that I already use for a long time. And this time, I was invited to Bio Oil Event and it’s such a pleasure that I knew that the event would be a fun, and informative one. So here are the series ot the stories!

Welcomed with a pretty d├ęcor with the touch of white and orange, it just feels comfortable to sit for the next hours. They have placed our table name tag so that we could find out seat easily.
Just as I took my seat, I began to take pictures of the ambience, and after that, of course, having some shots of myself. Here are the results.

Anyway, the sessions are really great. I love how I got some useful information about the skin, starting from what is the true definition of healthy skin, how to differentiate skin types and skin condition. Here is what I got from the dermatologist:
     1. Skin Types
Skin Type is a congenital factor. From the day you were born until you grow up, your skin type will always be like that. There’s no such condition where your skin type is changing suddenly (for example: feeling like you have normal skin type but lately you think it has changed to dry). If you have normal skin type, it will always be. The condition where you feel that your skin is dry is actually the dehydrated skin condition that you are having.
     2. Skin Condition
Skin condition is caused by many factors, the environment, weather, how you treat your skin from outside and inside, etc. For example if you are working full time in a room with AC, and you rarely drink water, you also don’t use any skin care, your skin will feel dry. But it doesn’t mean it becomes dry skin, it is just dehydrated.
From these cases, we could draw a conclusion that dry skin is about the skin type since you were born, because your skin has little oil content, and dehydrated skin is about the skin condition in which you have little water content in your body and your skin.

With all the understandings, let’s move on to the product review to know how Bio Oil solves those problems.

Comes in 4 size of packages, it would be really easy for you to just pick the size that you need. If the area that you would apply Bio Oil is quite small and you think it just will need not really much of Bio Oil, you can pick the smallest size, and vice versa.

If you think Bio Oil is just for stretch marks, you should’ve known more about this holy grail product. Truth is, it has so many functions as mentioned below:
1.    1. Disguise the scars
It can be applied for either old scars or new scars
2.    2. Stretch Marks
It helps to reduce the possibility of forming stretch marks during pregnancy,
rapid growth in adolescence, weight gain, and also helps disguise the existing stretch marks.
3.    3. Uneven Skin Tone
It helps to disguise the pigmentation stains that is cause by hormonal fluctuations, brightening skin care products, or excessive sun exposure.
4.    4. Skin Aging
It helps to smoothen and treat signs of aging of the skin and wrinkles both on the face and body.
5.    5. Dry Skin
It helps to restore the skin's natural oils, which are lost by factors such as extreme weather, water with high chemical content, too often soaking, and dry skin due to heater or air conditioner (AC).
Anyway, those are all that I wanna share to you this time, guys. Thank you so much for reading, let’s become a blog friend of mine. See you later! (with bonus photo in closing)

- Amelita Yonathan -

Monday, February 18, 2019


It’s pretty amazing when you can combine your passion with your work. Who agree? As a youtuber and blogger, I enjoy every phase of this journey. That doesn’t mean that I have achieved everything on the lists, but at least I have been in the middle of the journey. Be grateful with what you’re working on, yet don’t ever feel enough that you always want to achieve more, right?
Anyway, talking about how I enjoy living my passion, one of the things that I enjoy is staycation. And this time, through this blog, I’m gonna share my first staycation in Jakarta, that is a staycation in Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate, a three-star hotel in North Jakarta.
Let’s just jump to the review session :D

The first time I bumped to the bedroom I feel it’s the type of a hotel bedroom that I like. It’s clean, everything is neat and the design is quite minimalist. Anyway, I love their floor-to-ceiling window! There aren’t many 3-star hotels that offer this kind of window, right? Anyway, the bellboy is quite responsive too! As soon as I request something, they would come in around 5 minutes.

The bathroom is quite simple, actually. The toiletries are also standard but there is a sign that says “You can always have more (of toiletries) that caught my attention. I mean, they offer us to ask for more if we need it. Doesn’t that sound like a nice offering? Anyway there is a flexible hanger that also caught my attention. You can hang your clothes while taking a shower there.

The breakfast main menu is quite ok; it was a standard breakfast but with good quality. I mean they all taste nice. The fried rice, fried noodle, chicken, dory, and etc taste good.
However, the side menu is not standard. They have very good croissants! And also, they have other kind of side menu, for example bread pudding (although it was served lukewarm, which made it tastes not that nice, in my opinion), and also some breads, and cereals. The cereals aren’t just koko krunch or cornflakes, there are various types of it which made us curious to try one by one.
Who are coffee lovers here? You might love it that they have a grinding machine! It’s quite rare, a 3-star hotel usually will just provide you with instant coffee.

They have a gym room that is well-maintained, I can see how everything is neat and clean. And I love the lighting as the sunlight can enter the room too. The equipment is quite complete for a work out during a stay, like there are some dumbbells, treadmills, and others.
Across the gym is a laundry room. I was quite shocked that they have coin laundry machines. That would ease the hotel occupants, right? And also, they have steam iron! I never tried it before until my husband and I tried to browse about it and we managed to do it, in the end!

If you don’t know yet, Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate is actually located inside Emporium Pluit Mall, so, of course, we can directly access the mall. It took 2 kind of elevators but it’s quite easy, approximately 10 minutes to walk to the mall. And by the way, they also have a partnership with the restaurants in the mall, so you can just order their foods and the waiter would just come to the hotel, to deliver your food. In short, it’s quite easy to get the food you want as Emporium Pluit Mall is quite a complete mall
Anyway, that’s all the review of Holiday In Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate. I hope it could be a nice info for you who are looking for a hotel to stay in Jakarta. Don’t forget to watch the video on my Youtube Channel! Thank you for reading! See you on the next blog! 

- Amelita Yonathan -

Saturday, January 19, 2019

[BEAUTY] BRUNBRUN Heated Eyelash Curler

”Everyone is born different”. We’ve heard that a lot and yet, we still complain so much. But as I grew up, I started to realize that if there is just one type of color in this world, how boring that could be. So ya, just take differences as uniqueness, okay?
Something unique that I got is my eyelashes! It’s kind of going down and it’s not just that – it’s pretty hard for people, including me just to make it curled up; even the make-up artists. Even that those MUAs and I have tried some different curler brands, it still doesn’t work out.
Until I found this product, uhm and by the way this blog is purely not sponsored. I bought the product myself.
Here it is, the heated eyelash curler from Brun Brun Paris.


Even though maybe we are a little bit worried about the heat – perhaps wondering If it could harm our eyes or not, the heat is actually very safe as it feels just warm, not hot at all. You can feel it by putting your finger there, even after some seconds, it won’t hurt at all. The heated clamp part is also coated with silicone material, which is a very good isolator, as the reason that the heat doesn’t feel too hot.
That’s why, it is very safe as eyelashes are very near to the eyes. But, if you wear contact lens, I recommend you to use this before you wear your contact lens because as I experienced myself, the eyes would feel very dry if you wear contact lens first.

It uses 2 AAA batteries.


Let’s take a look to my eyelashes condition before using the heated eyelash curler.

And taa-daa! You can see it curled up perfectly now (no mascara at all). Even it may seem just an ordinary things to some people, it is not for me. This is the newest, one of the greatest findings in my life! Haha.

Anyway, that’s all for today's blog. Thanks for bearing up with me. I hope you enjoy! See ya later! ;)

- Amelita Yonathan -

Saturday, January 5, 2019

[BEAUTY] NARUKO Skin Care Review

Hey everyone! Since it's still early January, I just wanna say "Happy New Year!” May you take this year seriously, to look after progress by progress till you find the better you in each day! xoxo.
Anyway, if you know that my skin is quite dry and sensitive (acne prone at the same time; which is acne-prone skin usually comes with oily skin), of course it is hard for me to find the skin care which is safe for my skin.
Let me introduce you to the brand created by a famous Taiwan Beauty Guru; called Niu Er. The brand name is NARUKO.

So I got this skin care from them (they just gave me theirs without demanding anything from me) and after I have tried for some weeks, I decided to write a blog about it even that they don’t ask. But.. why?
Let’s go straight to the review of each product.

1. NARUKO - Rose & Botanic HA (Aqua Cubic Foaming Wash EX)
I love the texture of it. This is not so foamy and this is hydrating a lot. It helps my dry skin not to lose its moisture, as my skin doesn't go well with foamy type of facial wash. About the smell, I honestly don’t really like the smell of rose, but that’s quite okay as the rose scent isn’t that strong.
About the packaging, the material is a good quality one and the lid is tight, so it doesn’t leak (why I am mentioning this is because I’ve met one big brand that I used to use it everyday but the lid is not tight until it always leaks and it is quite annoying :”))

2. NARUKO - Rose & Botanic HA (Aqua Cubic Night Jelly EX)
This is AWESOME! The night jelly has a very light texture (compared to how other brands’ night creams) and it absorbs so quickly to the skin. It also doesn’t leaves any sticky feeling and it feels so fresh to the skin. Would give this 100/100 but no, maybe it would just be 99/100 cause the scent is not my favorite one (it’s Rose, the same with the foaming wash), but again, that’s just my personal preference, cause scent is something personal, right?

3. NARUKO - Rose & Botanic HA (Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask EX)
Comes up with protective plastic, it feels hygienic when applying it. Anyway, I don’t expect I would love it that much. It may seem excessive, but really, I was really shocked that the texture of the sheet is so soft (I cannot describe how soft it is, but it is really soft), and the material makes it look so tidy on your skin, I just really love it.
Btw, the texture of the liquid is also different. It is so quick to absorb and also not sticky as it contains much water and that is why it is really hydrating.

So ya, I think that’s all for today’s review. Thank you so much for reading. See you next time! (:

- Amelita Yonathan -

Monday, December 24, 2018


Hi everyone! How are you? Anyway, how do you think about taking pictures and posting them to instagram? Is it just to reminisce the memories or you take it (posting pictures to instagram) seriously? Like it has to be visually great, everything you post has to match the feed, etc? For me, I’m the number 2! I’m a visually-oriented person, so I think what I post should be great, at least to me, at least, to please my eyes. Haha
Anyway, talking about pictures, I like to take OOTD picture since a long time ago (even since I was a kid haha). And I think I started to make a breaktrough by learning how to pose. There are some ways that I learn. First, of course, get the inspiration from others. It can be international fashion models, influencers, or anyone whose photos do you like the most. Besides that, you can also learn from people’s blogs, youtube, etc.
But the craziest thing is.. I just learnt how to pose from an app! More specifically, a game app! Isn’t that crazy? It is the most trending app that everybody downloads by the end of 2018 (10 million downloads just for a few months; on Google Play).
So ya, here it is, the video review of the app and how I copy the poses. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

- Amelita Yonathan -

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[FASHION] - BALI OOTD Inspiration and Poses - Kynd Community

Hello peeps! Thanks for stopping by.

So I went to Bali for a honeymoon (yeah I'm got married already, even strangers thought I'm still a high school or college student haha *happykid). It was December 3-8; luckily we went back Jakarta at 8 (Saturday) as Bali became very jammed since Friday because of DWPx haha.

Anyway, before going there, I already searched for some nice places we'd about to go and listed it, until it became a complete itinerary, including the OOTD schedule for both of us. To make it more productive, we came with different outfit for every venue. Maybe it seems complicated, but remember, nice results never come easy, and so do photo results. And nothing could still be there when time just keeps on going, but photos; they stay there to make us remember the complete memories, especially the sweetest one.

I create the blog not sequentially. but based on the topics I'm about to talk, so.. Here it is, on the fifth day, being in a Vegan restaurant with the sweetest decoration called Kynd Community (read: kind community); one of  instagramable places to visit in Bali.

When it comes to posing, use your instinct. Feel the moment you are feeling, don't doubt. The results would turn out great when you full-heartedly express your feelings. But before you got the sense, of course you can get inspired by fashion influencers or bloggers.

Feel blended with the background :D
Feel a lil bit sore because of this pose but, results ever betray the efforts, right? :')

Anyway, here is the food there. It tastes so great!

I love you so much!

No wonder that people would come here and bring their camera and dress nicely, right? Don't forget to put it on the list as it is one of my favorite instagramable places in Bali, maybe it could be your favorite too!

These are my OOTD Stuffs and where you can buy them at:
  •  White Floral Pants from Chocochips Boutique (@chocochipsboutique)
  • Mustard Tank Top from a random olshop (@vfr1308 at Shopee)
  • Floppy Hat I bought in Sukawati for only $4!
  • Round Rattan Bag from Sukawati for only $7
  • Copper Sunglasses from Miniso (@minisoindo)
  • Earrings from Nieka (

Yeay finally made it to the final part! Thank you so much for reading this till the end of the page, and until next time! Will be posting more soon!

- Amelita Yonathan -

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

[BEAUTY] - OVALE Micellar Cleansing Water

Nothing is more beautiful than clean and radiant skin, right? Cantik itu cerah. Jadi apapun warna kulitnya, kalau cerah dan bersih, pasti terlihat cantik. Setuju ga? Percuma kan make-up tebel kalo kulitnya kusam. That's why, membersihkan wajah secara optimal itu wajib banget hukumnya. Tapi pertanyaannya, harus pilih cleanser yang seperti apa?
Kemarin ini aku diundang ke event dari Ovale yang bertemakan 'Buka dan Tutup Hari dengan Ovale'. Bersama para beauty bloggers lain yang diundang, kita mendapatkan pengetahuan tentang micellar water itu sendiri dan kandungan yang ada di dalam Ovale Micellar Water. Di sana kita menarik kesimpulan bahwa ternyata Ovale Micellar Water merupakan micellar water yang dapat mencerahkan, dan juga praktis karena dapat digunakan setiap saat untuk membersihkan wajah dari makeup dan kotoran, tanpa perlu dibilas lagi dengan sabun karena hasilnya pasti sudah bersih maksimal!

Pertanyaannya, kok bisa? Nah, mungkin kalian udah gak asing lagi dengan brand Ovale. Ternyata, Ovale punya Micellar Cleansing Water mengandung ekstrak Bunga Magnolia yang terbukti dapat mencerahkan wajah secara alami. Ovale Micellar Water juga merupakan micellar water yang aman bagi semua jenis kulit (lebih lengkapnya akan aku bahas di bagian ingredients di bawah), jadi ga perlu lagi kuatir kalau kulit kalian sensitif.
Cara pakainya juga praktis banget, hanya dengan menggunakan kapas saja, kalian sudah dapat membersihkan wajah dari debu dan makeup dengan Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water ini. Gak perlu dibilas lagi? Iyap betul banget. Buat apa dibilas lagi kalau wajahnya sudah jadi bersih maksimal? Anyway, produk ini juga merupakan salah satu micellar water favorit di Indonesia loh. Oh ya satu lagi, selain dapat membersihkan wajah, Ovale Micellar juga dapat digunakan sebagai pembersih kuas makeup mu. Praktis banget kan?

Nah jadi di event ‘Let’s Go Micellar!’ yang aku datengin kemarin ini bersama dengan Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water, aku dapet banyak banget insight terutama mengenai kandungan yang terdapat di dalamnya. Salah satunya adalah fakta bahwa produk ini terbukti paraben-free dan alcohol-free. Selain itu, Ovale Micellar Cleansing Water juga sudah hypoallergenic dan dermatology tested. Jadi bisa dipastikan aman untuk semua jenis kulit, termasuk kulit yang sensitive seperti kulitku. Wow banget kan?

Selain yang aku sebutin tadi, Ovale Micellar Water ini juga mengandung ekstrak bunga Magnolia yang dapat mencerahkan wajah. Oh ya, selain varian yang pink, ada juga yang hijau yang diperuntukkan untuk kalian yang memiliki kulit berminyak dan berjerawat, yang mengandung ekstrak bunga Magnolia ditambah dengan ekstrak Green Tea yang juga dapat mencerahkan wajah kalian yang berjerawat!

My Opinion
Aku suka banget karena produknya nyaman dipakai dan lembut, tidak mengandung parfum juga jadi kulitku yang sensitif ini aman terkendali :D

Hayoo, udah penasaran belom? Ayo rasain praktisnya bersihin wajah biar kalian rasain apa yang aku rasain! Belinya bisa di Guardian terdekat yaa! Jangan lupa juga follow akun instagram Ovale @ovalebeautyid dan facebook fanpage Ovale Beauty! (instagram aku juga yaa @amelitayonathan! Hahaha).

Thank you for reading, loves! :*

- Amelita Yonathan -