Friday, September 27, 2013

Family is a family

Related to the previous post. Talking about family, especially the relation between you and your parents.

As a teenager we sometimes feel that our parents are captious, they prohibit us to do something we think is fun. "Why you can just understand me, Mom, Dad? Can't you just see me happy doing what I want? You can never understand me." Well, that sounds normal but, let's have some thoughts with me.

I write this, not because I never feel the same way, but I realize that our parents never have wrong purposes by prohibiting some things to us, it it is wrong, it's just about the way they communicate their care to us.

I used to think that my parents were so old-fashioned that they used to call me every minute when I was going out with my friends till late night. But nowadays I realize, that when it happened to my sister, I were too worried about her too, until I'm captious to her, telling her not to come back home late at night. So that doesn't mean that they don't wanna see you happy, but they care about you enough that they don't want anything bad happens to you.

Or another example, when you're in home and your parents ask you to help their duties, or get mad at you when seeing you doing nothing or just laying on your bed. They never mean to be angry, but you know what? First, they just want to make you more mature, someday you're gonna be an adult, you've gotta know what you're gonna do from now. When they ask you to help them, all they wanna do is to let you know that someday you'll be like them. You have to work for your family. All the parents think is that someday they will be gone, that you can not rely on them forever. So they want you to be prepared, for your own good.

There are so many more examples, but from now, let's think about positive things of what your parents do to you. And let's have a thought of this: "No matter how annoying your parents' doing to you, can you beat their pure love to you?" You may ever hate your parents, but they will never have an idea of hating you, believe that. All that they do to you is just to make you be a good person, a successful one someday. They don't want you to make mistakes they ever did when they were young like you, that sometimes they treat you hard.

“Parents are like God because you wanna know they're out there, and you want them to think well of you, but you really only call when you need something.” 
― Chuck PalahniukInvisible Monsters

And here is a touching video about family. Although this video doesn't have really great numbers of viewers, but this is such a great video to watch. Quite pleased to find this video. Just watch! :")

"Family is a family"

- Amelita Yonathan -

Sistership never dies

My favorite photo of the photoshoot

That was the first time I take my sister, Kerene Jesica with me to have a photoshoot together. Just thought of sisters photoshoot. And below are two of my most favorite photos of us. (Ignore our body differences, I know she's way far skinny compared to me. I wonder when can I be as skinny as you, sis? Lol)

By the way, talking about sisters. Are you in the same boat with me? That you're born as sisters?
So let's have a 'curcol' thing with me (lol).

I remember when we were little children. We didn't fight about toys, as my sis was a very tomboyish girl, which her favorite things were really different from mine. I liked dolls, Barbie and so other girly things, while Keren just liked sword, car, guitar, and other boy toys. But that doesn't mean that there was nothing that made us fight. I don't exactly remember one by one, but what I remember the most is just that I was a mischievous girl that I often made my lil sis cry. I don't know what I was thinking that time but making her cry is my favorite, I think that was cute to see her crying and after that I came to her, hugged her and said "Don't worry, I'm just kidding, sis. I love you." (which sounds "Udah jangan takut ya de, cece cuma bercanda kok, cece sayang deh sm dede, cupcup *sambildipeluk*). And she would just stop crying and smile to me. Cruel me lol.

There's no relationship as strong as the relationship between a family, like sisters for the example.
2 sisters may sometimes argue, or fight each other. Sometimes we decide not to talk for some time. But when one is really in need, don't you just help her, and forget all the fight? Or when you're in a quarrel with your sister, and by that time you interact with your girl best friends, don't you just think of "If I can forgive my friends mistakes and still treat them right after that, why can't I be like that to my sister?"

Friends can turn out being enemies, or even strangers, and that's still acceptable. But the relationship between a family.. could it stop? Never. A sister will always be your sister. Your dad will always be your dad, your mom, your brother, etc. No matter how you hate them, no matter you try not to talk to them anymore, they are still the ones who has made who you are now, the ones you grew up with. And you can never lose 'care' to them.

- Amelita Yonathan -