Monday, February 18, 2019


It’s pretty amazing when you can combine your passion with your work. Who agree? As a youtuber and blogger, I enjoy every phase of this journey. That doesn’t mean that I have achieved everything on the lists, but at least I have been in the middle of the journey. Be grateful with what you’re working on, yet don’t ever feel enough that you always want to achieve more, right?
Anyway, talking about how I enjoy living my passion, one of the things that I enjoy is staycation. And this time, through this blog, I’m gonna share my first staycation in Jakarta, that is a staycation in Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate, a three-star hotel in North Jakarta.
Let’s just jump to the review session :D

The first time I bumped to the bedroom I feel it’s the type of a hotel bedroom that I like. It’s clean, everything is neat and the design is quite minimalist. Anyway, I love their floor-to-ceiling window! There aren’t many 3-star hotels that offer this kind of window, right? Anyway, the bellboy is quite responsive too! As soon as I request something, they would come in around 5 minutes.

The bathroom is quite simple, actually. The toiletries are also standard but there is a sign that says “You can always have more (of toiletries) that caught my attention. I mean, they offer us to ask for more if we need it. Doesn’t that sound like a nice offering? Anyway there is a flexible hanger that also caught my attention. You can hang your clothes while taking a shower there.

The breakfast main menu is quite ok; it was a standard breakfast but with good quality. I mean they all taste nice. The fried rice, fried noodle, chicken, dory, and etc taste good.
However, the side menu is not standard. They have very good croissants! And also, they have other kind of side menu, for example bread pudding (although it was served lukewarm, which made it tastes not that nice, in my opinion), and also some breads, and cereals. The cereals aren’t just koko krunch or cornflakes, there are various types of it which made us curious to try one by one.
Who are coffee lovers here? You might love it that they have a grinding machine! It’s quite rare, a 3-star hotel usually will just provide you with instant coffee.

They have a gym room that is well-maintained, I can see how everything is neat and clean. And I love the lighting as the sunlight can enter the room too. The equipment is quite complete for a work out during a stay, like there are some dumbbells, treadmills, and others.
Across the gym is a laundry room. I was quite shocked that they have coin laundry machines. That would ease the hotel occupants, right? And also, they have steam iron! I never tried it before until my husband and I tried to browse about it and we managed to do it, in the end!

If you don’t know yet, Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate is actually located inside Emporium Pluit Mall, so, of course, we can directly access the mall. It took 2 kind of elevators but it’s quite easy, approximately 10 minutes to walk to the mall. And by the way, they also have a partnership with the restaurants in the mall, so you can just order their foods and the waiter would just come to the hotel, to deliver your food. In short, it’s quite easy to get the food you want as Emporium Pluit Mall is quite a complete mall
Anyway, that’s all the review of Holiday In Express Jakarta Pluit Citygate. I hope it could be a nice info for you who are looking for a hotel to stay in Jakarta. Don’t forget to watch the video on my Youtube Channel! Thank you for reading! See you on the next blog! 

- Amelita Yonathan -