Monday, December 24, 2018


Hi everyone! How are you? Anyway, how do you think about taking pictures and posting them to instagram? Is it just to reminisce the memories or you take it (posting pictures to instagram) seriously? Like it has to be visually great, everything you post has to match the feed, etc? For me, I’m the number 2! I’m a visually-oriented person, so I think what I post should be great, at least to me, at least, to please my eyes. Haha
Anyway, talking about pictures, I like to take OOTD picture since a long time ago (even since I was a kid haha). And I think I started to make a breaktrough by learning how to pose. There are some ways that I learn. First, of course, get the inspiration from others. It can be international fashion models, influencers, or anyone whose photos do you like the most. Besides that, you can also learn from people’s blogs, youtube, etc.
But the craziest thing is.. I just learnt how to pose from an app! More specifically, a game app! Isn’t that crazy? It is the most trending app that everybody downloads by the end of 2018 (10 million downloads just for a few months; on Google Play).
So ya, here it is, the video review of the app and how I copy the poses. Hope you enjoy! Xoxo

- Amelita Yonathan -

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[FASHION] - BALI OOTD Inspiration and Poses - Kynd Community

Hello peeps! Thanks for stopping by.

So I went to Bali for a honeymoon (yeah I'm got married already, even strangers thought I'm still a high school or college student haha *happykid). It was December 3-8; luckily we went back Jakarta at 8 (Saturday) as Bali became very jammed since Friday because of DWPx haha.

Anyway, before going there, I already searched for some nice places we'd about to go and listed it, until it became a complete itinerary, including the OOTD schedule for both of us. To make it more productive, we came with different outfit for every venue. Maybe it seems complicated, but remember, nice results never come easy, and so do photo results. And nothing could still be there when time just keeps on going, but photos; they stay there to make us remember the complete memories, especially the sweetest one.

I create the blog not sequentially. but based on the topics I'm about to talk, so.. Here it is, on the fifth day, being in a Vegan restaurant with the sweetest decoration called Kynd Community (read: kind community); one of  instagramable places to visit in Bali.

When it comes to posing, use your instinct. Feel the moment you are feeling, don't doubt. The results would turn out great when you full-heartedly express your feelings. But before you got the sense, of course you can get inspired by fashion influencers or bloggers.

Feel blended with the background :D
Feel a lil bit sore because of this pose but, results ever betray the efforts, right? :')

Anyway, here is the food there. It tastes so great!

I love you so much!

No wonder that people would come here and bring their camera and dress nicely, right? Don't forget to put it on the list as it is one of my favorite instagramable places in Bali, maybe it could be your favorite too!

These are my OOTD Stuffs and where you can buy them at:
  •  White Floral Pants from Chocochips Boutique (@chocochipsboutique)
  • Mustard Tank Top from a random olshop (@vfr1308 at Shopee)
  • Floppy Hat I bought in Sukawati for only $4!
  • Round Rattan Bag from Sukawati for only $7
  • Copper Sunglasses from Miniso (@minisoindo)
  • Earrings from Nieka (

Yeay finally made it to the final part! Thank you so much for reading this till the end of the page, and until next time! Will be posting more soon!

- Amelita Yonathan -