Friday, January 4, 2013

A Boyish and Childish Day

In December 29th' 2012 we're going go to Puncak! I know this vacation will be exhausting so I didn't choose to wear complicated clothing.

For the first day I wore a simply boyish outfit to show a different  kind of me (because I usually wear girly ones).

"Here I'm ready to go!"

We chose Indo Alam Villa for 4-night staying. We chose it because it has a really beautiful view, and that's not too over. I mean, there are many villas are more like forest that they have large trees everywhere (kinda look messy). The villa we stayed is the 'Palm 1' (the villa in the image below). It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room and a dining room. There are 2 single beds in every bedroom, but the every bed has 2 piles so we can move the upper one to the floor and make every room get 4 beds for 4 persons. There's no villa in Indo Alam has more than 2 bedrooms, actually, but most villas with 2 bedrooms are large, so I think a villa can be for up to 8 persons.

The relation of this picture with me? Well I'm actually a Leo.

After we finished putting down our things and arranging the inside of the villa, we had lunch in Ikan Bakar Cianjur Restaurant. The outdoor view is really great, but I foolishly forgot to take the picture ._. Nevertheless, we can slightly see the view from the backgrounds of my photos. 

I love this long sleeve checkered shirt from Rodeo. Its colorful color brings a cheerful look ;)

Unlaced Sneakers from New Look which accompanied me all day long.

X O X O,

Amelita Yonathan


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