Thursday, November 13, 2014

Never Judge Someone for What They Do

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So I just woke up at about 8 this morning and suddenly an idea came up. And I just made this story. Hope we all learn something from this story.

A 9-year-old girl was scowling all day, feeling angry as she was looking at an old and worn out pink bunny doll sitting on her bed.
“Why are you keep scowling all day, honey?” asked her mom.
“Mom, how can Tiara just gave me this on my birthday? It’s an ugly doll. I hate her!”
“Don’t look at things at the price tags, honey.” said her mom.
“Mom, I don’t mean that I want an expensive or big doll. I mean it is okay if she just gave me a small something that’s cheap, let’s say. But at least I know that she appreciates me, that she deliberately bought me something as a birthday gift. Don’t you remember, mom? At her last birthday I even saved my money just to give her a big teddy bear that she likes. But look at what she did in return to me. I just feel so sad, I feel like she doesn’t think that I’m special like how I presume her as my best friend.” Elle was babbling.
“Calm down, honey. Maybe she has some reasons.”
“What kind of reasons? I don’t care anymore.”
Then Elle’s mom went out of her daughter’s room.

The day after, (as Elle’s mom is Tiara’s mom best friend so she used to go to Tiara’s house) she decided to go to Tiara’s house.
After she arrived, she was so shocked that there’s no house there anymore. She thought like “Am I wrong? No, I mustn’t be wrong. But where’s the house?” she said to herself.
And then she asked some people and finally found out the truth.

After coming back home, Elle’s mom came to Elle’s room.
“Ya, mom?”
“I just went to Tiara’s house and...”
“Stop, mom! I don’t want to hear about her again.”
“Wait, baby. I’m sure you wanna hear this.”
“Well, be quick.”
“You know what? I went to that place and I found no house there again. And..”
“What do you mean mom?” Elle interrupted.
“And I asked her neighbors. They said that her house was on fire 2 days ago. And they lost everything. Everything except the fact that Tiara got something she was holding on her hand. It was her favorite thing since she was a small kid, and you know what it is? It’s the doll that she gave to you on your birthday. That pink bunny doll.” Elle’s mom pointed to the doll.
Elle began crying.
“Mom, I feel so wrong now. I really feel that I’m a very bad person. I don’t even know what happened to my best friend. I don’t even asked her why her face looks sad nowadays. And I just remember the last time I met her, when she gave me this, she gave this to me but she didn’t even look at this doll. Now I realize that she must be sad that she has to lose the thing that she loves the most.”
“But she loves her best friend more than her favorite doll.”
“And I selfishly thought that she doesn’t care about me anymore that she gave me just an old doll.”
Elle just couldn’t stop crying that day.

Moral of the story:
"Never judge someone for what they do to you. You don’t know maybe it is the best thing that they can do.”

Anyway, I was crying while writing this story. And still crying until now that I just typed this finishing sentences. Haha :”)

- Amelita Yonathan -


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