Thursday, May 9, 2019

[BEAUTY] Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+/PA++++


Hi girls! So in this blog is something so great that I just found.. it’s a skin care that works and suitable for my skin! It is from the well-known skin care brand in Indonesia: Biore. And it is.. Biore UV Aqua Rich.

The Packaging
I love the size of the packaging, which is able to carry on everywhere, quite travel sized. And I love the glossy texture that makes it look more lavish. And the blue color is quite light and calm, not too vibrant or high saturated, that makes it look elegant too!

The Texture
At the first glimpse I thought it’s just another sunscreen products, but when I opened the tube and placed it on my hand, I could already mention that I’m gonna love it as I love the formulation and the texture. Unlike the other anti UV products, it is more watery, which is not sticky at all.

My Experience
After that, I tried to apply it on my face and I can say that my skin feels smooth and I love the smell, it’s a calming and natural kind of smell. I applied it on my face and my neck after that. After I used it a day in outdoor, I could feel that even in strong sunlight, my skin didn’t get any darker or any sunburnt at all. I was quite shocked because it is quite amazing how it has a light texture but functions so great.
Thought it was just a cliché, I googled it, search for some reviews from youtubers and bloggers and wow! They all feel the same way to this products. The texture is light but it functions very well to protect the skin from the sunlight as Biore UV Aqua Rich also has SPF 50+/PA++++ so you don’t have to worry to go out when sun comes up.
You should try! Maybe it would be your holy grail, too!

- Amelita Yonathan -


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