Hi, I'm Amelita Yonathan. I was born on August in the atmosphere of Indonesian Independence Day. I have a small-but-perfect family: my lovely parents and my only sister, Kerene Jesica. I love the number 1 and also 13 (I think you know why I love the second number, right?). I live in my motto of life: "Be thankful of everything you have, yet never stop improving your positive talents in order to reach your dream."

I love my life the way it is, it's like the way to thank GOD for everything HE has given to me. I'm quite a sensitive person, touching things can really make me run out of tears. My biggest desire is to be a person who is worthwhile for people around me. It's not about big things, but to be a friend's good listener can be an example. My biggest fear is letting someone down, and having enemies. Isn't it beautiful when every people you know is a friend?

Everyone must have something as their mood booster. Well, I have two. When I'm really down, all I want to have is karaoke time, I'm gonna sing out loud and chill with some friends. Sometimes I dance like crazy. I have an experience when my friends and I did dancing then jumping out and down on the sofa, then a servant suddenly came to our room to rebuke us. It's quite embarrassing but what we knew was that we had fun! Haha. As I say there are two, well, there's another mood booster, it's having some photoshoots. For me, photos are diaries in more interesting way. There may be several good moments in life, but every good moment is different one another.

I think nothing is good if they're not in the right portion, like too much or too little. It's like when you love chocolates, you may not eat them too much because they can make your cheeks getting chubbier. Friends are people who color my days. Their numbers may increase, but there's no one I call 'old friend'. A friend is always a friend.

Little but not least, I wanna say thank you for visiting my blog, especially for reading this. Thank you for being a blog friend of mine. I hope I can see you all someday, and I'm serious. I think making new friends is something should never stop. Just click the 'contacts' page in this blog to contact me. 

With bunches of love, 

Amelita Yonathan