Sunday, August 4, 2013

If you know me best

Hello readers, it's me again.
It's great to blog after about half year I've disappeared from blogger for about a half year. Some reasons are that I had some other things I did beside turning my laptop on, opening blogger and then posting something in it. But this month (read: my month) is gonna be the continued point of my blogging trip. Lol.

What I post here is one of my photoshoots taken months ago (which one of the photo actually has been my blogger background).

One sleeve dress from Stradivarius | Ankle Boots from New Look | Bangles from The Executive

Cropped Top from J.Rep | Lace Short from Pull & Bear

Thanks to:
MUA: Luvina Ho
Photographers: Ernes S, Andy, A. P. Harun

Girls are creatures with their feelings hidden.
A girl may look cheerful outside, seems like her life's perfect. A girl may smile all day long, like she has no worries in life. She cheers everyone around her, loves people with all of her heart, trying to lift up the ones who fall to the ground. But truth is she has sadness, too. Maybe she's been hurt much. Some things may break her, she just doesn't wanna show it. She's just trying to cheer herself by manipulating a happy look. She doesn't want others to feel what she feels by showing a sad face. But inside her room, when she's alone, she can't hide no more, she can't hide all that she feels to herself. Sometimes she cries in silence. But there's always a guy of this kind to a girl; that no matter how hard she tries to look happy, he always knows all the sorrows that she hides. He always tries to help her remove her sadness, and by his presence, he turns every sorrow into joy to her life. There's nothing more than this, that kind of guy is all that she needs in life.

X O X O,

Amelita Yonathan


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