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[BEAUTY] - BENEFIT - THE POREfessional Primer & Roller Lash Mascara

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I got this mini goodie bag from the event, and here are 2 of the products that I got: Pore-fessional Face Primer and Roller Lash Mascara.

1. THE PORE-fessional Face Primer
Benefit THE PORE-fessional is a face primer which functions to minimize the pore appearance on your skin. No woner the skin will look flawless and matte. Anyway, this also helps making your whole makeup lasts longer.
Fyi, this is also the best seller product from Benefit as it is suitable for all skin types (that's why it works well on almost everyone).

This is not a skin care that functions to minimize the pore permanently, yet this is a makeup product that could instantly minimize it (temporarily; just as long as it is there and you haven't wash off your face).

The Packaging

The packaging is tube with a twist cap, it makes it tightly closed (which is nice). And I like the material of the tube too! The printing isn't easily fade out and the glossy-silver color makes it look palatial.

The Texture

The primer is aqua blue in color and the texture is gentle and you can feel that it is matte as it not sticky at all. And it feels light.

The Product's Function (to me)

This primer could keep my makeup staying matte all day. After applying all skin care products, and for example if I finish applying the whole make-up at 10 am, it will keep my skin still matte till around 5 to 6 pm (7-8 hours on a combination skin like mine). But after that it still won't look really greasy nor oily even when it's already at night. This is just the new holy-grail of mine! I always use this whenever I'm going out to any events. I give 9/10 for this primer!

2. Roller Lash Mascara
This roller lash mascara is claimed as the solution for stubborn Asian lashes. I am Asian, that's why my eyelashes isn't long and ya, they are also stubborn. The texture are quite hard and it does droop. So let's just move on to the review.

The Packaging
You can see all sides of the packaging below.

Here are the ingredients (hope you can read well as I tried to make it focus but it's still not working, I think because of the font is kind of too tight)

Overall, about the packaging, I really love it! It's packed in a twist cap bottle and the combination of black and rose gold color is really pretty and is not getting easily dirty as the material is glossy. It is also light and quite small (easy to carry).

2. The Product's Function (to me)
I like the shape of the spoolie, it is really great to create the curl shape of your eyelash, and it works on my eyelashes, that my eyelashes could instantly get longer! However, it is still in reasonable length (I mean it won't be like 2 or 3 times from its original length).

Here is the picture.

I give the mascara 7.5/10. Why? Because it is actually great, I like how it can curl my eyelash and it is easy to remove (as it is non-waterproof; I mean, that's the benefit of non-waterproof makeup). But it is not that perfect as it doesn't really lift my eyelashes up (you can see at the images).

But back again, it is based on my type of eyelashes. You can just try this Roller Lash Mascara if you have other type of lashes or if only you are curious enough to prove it.

I think that's all for the review. Thank you for reading! I'll see you again on my next posts! :)

- Amelita Yonathan -


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