Saturday, September 15, 2018

[BEAUTY] - MAX UP COSMETICS - Kiss-Proof Matte Lip Cream

Matte lip creams have been the now-hype babies to collect right?!

So I've lately tried this local brand Lip Cream called 
Maxup Cosmetics and I think it's worth to try (and buy, if you love this kind of Lip Cream); just read the review below.

Okay so here is the reviewwwwwww! (with the strains of tone like in the Youtube lol :p)


As you can see, the packaging's material is clear-acrylic so that it eases you to see the shade of the lipcream, and then the silver touch gives an elegant look (from my point of view)

For me the texture is quite nice, I mean it is comfortable to wear as it doesn't feel sticky at all. And I kinda love it because I found that it's not causing my (dry) lips to get drier even though the finish is super-matte. However, I kinda feel like the Cherry-O (Red) color has that kind of texture that is quite hard to blend (idk why) compared to the other 3 shades, as I found no difficulties for those 3 shades, imho.

Anyway, this lip cream is suitable for everyone. Here is why:

1. Halal
It's great right? Everyone can wear it. You don't need to worry about anything anymore.

2. Kiss Proof
Yup it really is!!
After 3-5 minutes of applying, you can test it by trying to blot it to tissue or to your dorsal surface (back of the hand) or any other media. Taa daa! Nothing, really nothing is transferred. Who is kiss-proof lip cream lovers? Raise your hand!

3. Paraben & Phthalates Free
Although from some resources I heard that not all paraben types are harmful to our health and it is okay as long as it's still in the right amount, but preventing it will always be better right? Because we will never know. And with the claim that they don't use any paraben, it sure feels safer.
Maxup Lip Cream also claims that their products doesn't contain any Phthalates. So it's basically super safe.

(Anyway, Do you know Phthalates?
Phthalates is the chemical used to soften plastic materials.. Isn't that crazy f there is any of it in the lip products that we use? Ohmyy!)


They currently have 4 shades:

Here is how I look for each shade:

Afternoon Tea and Dusty Rose will look similar at the first glance but after applying it on the lips you'll just know that the Afternoon Tea is more to brown and the Dusty Rose has kind of pink shade on it.

Overall, this is such another great product to try! If you are a lip cream lover and currently looking for a kiss-proof one with matte finish, I think you could go buy this. I give it 8/10 for Afternoon Tea, Dusty Rose and Smashing Pink, and 7/10 for Cherry-O (based on my explanation above).

And one more extra information, I REALLY LOVE THE SMELL! It smells like milk biscuits or something like that, making me feel like wanting to smell it over and over again :")

I think that's all for today's review, thanks for reading!

See you on the next blog! Feel free to contact me (if you have any questions or recommendations) through my email instagram DM or anything. Loves!

- Amelita Yonathan -


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