Sunday, March 27, 2016

100 Things You Should Think About and Write

100 things you should think about and write.

The pain hurted
The lullaby made me calm
The sound of air conditioner kept on whispering me something I could never understand
The tears rolling down my cheeks
That lump in my throat
Holding back tears

And then He came
In a form of brightest light I’ve never seen before
Touching my eyes
And it is closed for a while

It’s dark
And I realized, I had enough lighting as I knew it is hard to live in darkness
What about those who didn’t have electricity in their houses?

And then He grabbed my hands
We walked together, and then He stopped in front of a door I had never seen before
It’s a magic door, I knew, but more magical than the ones in cartoons
We got in, he asked me to close my eyes

I suddenly felt like losing my balance
“No gravitation here, Dad?” I said
He was looking at me, deeply that I could feel what He meant without He needed to say
“Ya, it’s much worse Dad. I couldn’t even feel anything here. I’m all messed up. Could we go back?”
“We will get away from here, my dear daughter. But I have some more places. Come with me ok?”?
His gaze that showed me His pure love made me not able to deny it.

And then we moved to a place when war was about to begin
Every soldier was getting ready with their weapons
Some of them looked so tense
“Dad? What do you mean with this?”
And then he answered “What did you just listen to, before I bring you here?”
“Yes sure. And listening to lullaby made you feel better and calmer, right? See, they don’t even have time to listen to any kind of music. They are all tense, worried. Their lives are just at stake. They might be thinking what will happen to their families if they died in that war.”
I was sadly in tears.
“It’s okay dear. You just need to learn.”
“Dad. Where are we going after this?”
“Just see. Let’s go to that magical door again.”

Tick. We moved to a new place for a second.
“Where is it Dad? It’s so hot here.”
“Death Valley. It’s the hottest place in the world.”
“Dad.. I even always complain, I thought Indonesia was so horrible I can’t stay without any air conditioner. But here..”
“Ok let’s go back home.” He said
“But Dad.. I haven’t even finish ta….”

Bump! Dad and I were suddenly in our home.

“My Daughter.. I wanna tell you something. But before that, I want to ask you, after all the places I have brought you to. Do you got any idea? What’s your thought?”
“Dad.. Thank you. Just…. Thank you for everything.”
And then I continue..
“When I am about to complain my air conditioner was broken and he temperature in Indonesia feels so hot… I now know that there is even a place, or maybe places.. that are much hotter.”
“When I am about to feel tense, worried of so many things in life.. That armies on the war must be more tense, more worried than I usually was.”
“When I feel like everything is so messed up.. And I feel so sad somehow… I realize that I should’ve been thankful for I am able to feel. For gravity that exists on Earth that keeps everything stays in place.”

Sometimes we focus on things that made us broken, sad, worried
But let’s close our eyes
Let’s mention 100 things we can be thankful for, randomly as it comes across our minds
God that is always there.. (1)
Family… (2)
The Sun… (3)
The moon and the stars.. (4)
The air to breathe… (5)
Health…. (6)
Even pain.. (think about those who are anesthetized) (7)
Food to eat… (8)
Beverages to drink… (9)
Electricity.. (10)
All part of your body…. (11)
Gadgets that you are able to purchase… (12)
Friends… (13)

Let’s complete 87 more things you can thank God for, and I believe it will be a magic that it’s actually gonna be more than 100 things coming to your mind.

Be grateful
Of anything
Really anything

Why focusing on small, little things we don’t have
Instead of thanking God for so many things we have?

- Amelita Yonathan -


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