Saturday, August 25, 2018

[BEAUTY] - BENEFIT - Bene Pro 2018 Event

Sometimes people get over excited about the stuffs they got until they love it too much they’re waiting for the best time to open it! Until they actually forgot (haha, lebay ya).
But here I am, sometimes I got stuffs and I feel like “Oh nanti aja deh bukanya, sayang juga kalo udah dibuka kan paling cuma 12 months masa berlakunya.”

Including this! Haha so I got some stuffs (I can say some great stuffs) from Benefit and I love it way too much! But before we move on to the product review, let’s take a glimpse about this event held on August 2nd.

The event is called Bene Pro Event. This is basically an annual competition amongst all Benefit makeup artists in Sephora Indonesia. Benefit is claimed as an instant beauty solution so that the makeup artists should be able to do the make-up to their clients (with all different skin types) perfectly and in an effective duration.

In Bene Pro Event 2018, each MUA got 1 influencer that they have to make over, also, they got picked about 1 theme from the 3 makeup themes in Bene Pro 2018: ‘metallic, deep drama, or glass skin’.

The assessment is based on the look itself, the technique they used, and also whether the makeup look (including hair and outfit also) matches the theme that the finalists got or not.

The MC of Bene Pro 2018

Here is the finalists of Bene Pro 2018 (they come from different Sephora stores in Indonesia (and taa daa.. Bandung has the most finalists! Whoa!)



Above is the beauty influencers that participate in Bene Pro 2018 - Grand Final as the runway models.

Agus, the Winner of Bene Pro 2018. Congrats!

Got some new friends!

Dress from Posh The Label

It was a great event overall! I was truly amazed witnessing how great the make up artists are, how they could out the make-ups flawlessly to the influencers' skin even that they just met the influencers the previous day before the event. Amazing!

The last but not least, I found out that Benefit Makeup products are really great and can be used for any other function beside the main function themselves. For example, you can use the eyeshadow as the eye makeup base, the lip products as blush on, and etc (makeup should have no limitation, right?). And also, the makeup artists in Sephora are really the professional ones, they know exactly how to treat people's different skin types!

What about the stuffs in the goodie bag I got? The review is in the next blog! Happy continue reading! ;)

- Amelita Yonathan -


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